BabyCute is part of Fotovision AG, one of the largest companies for sophisticated photography in central Switzerland. With the BabyCute product, Fotovision is dedicated to neonatal clinic photography, consciously pursuing other paths than our competitors.

An important point of the company is the absolute renunciation of the generation of compulsory purchase in any form. BabyCute photographers are no sales representatives, there is zero sales activity in the clinic. We also do not send out parcels with finished products for viewing along with the request to pay for it or return. Every mother decides from home, in a private atmosphere, whether to buy products from our shop or not.

BabyCute attaches great importance to that difference. Although BabyCute is, of course, a commercial company, we consider the birth of a new human being not as a commercial process, but as a natural wonder.

With his sensitive way of taking photos, BabyCute captures the first moments in a newborn’s life in a very special way for the future. Free and without obligation!

Alois Kaufmann - CEO


On Wheels

Our custom made photography studio on wheels allows us the stress-free and sophisticated style of photography that BabyCute stands for.

Our Photography

Our concept is well-thought-out and therefore enables the realization of sophisticated images, even if the time frame is limited.

The Online Gallery

Our online galleries are state-of-the-art, easy to use and beautiful to look at, at any device.

Our Online Shop

In the development of our shop, we have put special emphasis on ease of use. Shopping on the Internet should be fun and not a technical challenge.

Our products

Our product range is carefully chosen. We offer the entire gallery as digital data, as well as amazing photo books, money saving value sets and many other products.

Our Team

Behind BabyCute stands a very creative team, with a very high standard of aesthetics and quality. This expresses itself in our photography, our designs and our carefully selected products.


Can I buy only 2 or 3 photos?

No, unfortunately this is not possible because it is incompatible with the concept of free clinic photography. We ask you to refrain from email inquiries regarding this question. Thank you.

Can I choose my photos if I buy a Value Set?

Yes, in any case. You can choose your desired images for each product in the set, with the exception of the photo book.

Why can I not choose the images for the Photo Book?

The book makes special demands on the format, the cropping and the zoom factor of the pictures. Our creative team always selects the most beautiful and most appropriate pictures for the format of the book.

How long are the photos online?

All images are online 90 days from the date of publication. Thereafter, all images and data will irretrievably be deleted from our servers.