Here we explain the concept of FREE Clinic Newborn Photography
and answer some of the most frequently asked questions (Q&A).
Free newborn photography

The BabyCute concept

Within our partner clinics we offer every mother a FREE newborn photo shoot. There are no obligations associated with participation. If you like the photos, you can purchase products in our shop, like the entire photo series as digital data or photo products, which are designed with the most beautiful photos. The shop is available up to 90 days after the photo shoot. After 90 days, all data and photos will be deleted in accordance with our privacy policy. Parents can request a prior deletion from us at any time.

We take care

The appointment

After enrollment in one of our partner clinics, the clinic will inform you about our service. As a rule, our information brochure is sent with the clinic post. It also refers to our website for further information. You can also find an online version of this brochure here on our website.
Mothers do not have to contact us to make an appointment. After the birth, our photographer will visit you in your room.

View the information brochure here
Valuable memories are made

The photo shoot

Our photo shoots take place shortly after the birth directly in the clinic or hospital. Our photographers have a professional, fixed or mobile photo studio at their disposal. The equipment and the available accessories such as bowls, blankets, backgrounds and clothing allow for varied photos, even under clinical conditions. The duration of a photo shoot is a maximum of 30 minutes if the newborn plays well. As a thank you, each mother receives a photo as a printout. There are no obligations associated with participating in the photo shoot.

to be admired online

The photo gallery

The online photo gallery shows you the result of our FREE newborn photo shoot. Access to the gallery is only possible with the help of a password (gallery code), which is given to every mother immediately after the photo shoot. A full gallery consists of 30+ photos. Our dedicated photographers do their best every day, but of course the end result also depends a lot on how well or badly the baby “played along”. If you like the photos, there are various products available in our online shop (subject to a fee) to transform our FREE photo shoot into wonderful memories.


The most frequently asked questions about our service, answered by us.
Will I receive SPAM or marketing emails after a photo shoot?

No! Restraint is our promise and part of our concept. After a photo shoot has taken place, we only contact the mother twice and only if we have a valid e-mail address (highly recommended). The first notification is made about 3-4 working days after the photo shoot and informs about the activation of the online photo gallery on our website, the second notification is made a few days before the photos are finally deleted from our server (90 days after publication of the gallery) if we have not received an order already at that time order. No additional marketing emails will be sent.

How long can I access the photos online?

The photos remain on our server for up to 90 days after publication and can therefore be accessed online. During this time the photos (with watermark) can be viewed and/or orders can be placed in our shop. After 90 days, the photos will be promptly deleted. This also applies to the high-resolution photos that may already have been purchased. This process is irreversible and based on our privacy policy. Earlier deletion can be requested from us at any time.

Can I buy individual photos?

No! Unfortunately, this cannot be reconciled with our concept of free clinic photo shoots. If we would offer this, there would be no free clinic photography possible anymore. To keep all happy, the clinics/hospitals, the mothers and us, we have to keep this existential rule, from which there are no exceptions.
We offer all photos in the gallery (at least 30 photos) at a fair price that is based on the market price for comparable digital photo products. We even reduce this price by 50% as soon as a photo book or one of our value sets is purchased.

Why is it called a FREE photo shoot when the products later cost money?

A photo shoot generates costs. Costs that we bear, no matter whether we receive an order later or not. The photographers and team members who later edit the photo shoot and make it available online cost money. Even with a normal studio photo shoot, you pay for the photo shoot itself, plus the products you purchase. With us, the costs for the photo shoot are eliminated. Therefore, we refer to our work as FREE.

How many photos can I expect from this FREE photo shoot?

A full photo shoot consists of 30+ photos and lasts a maximum of 30 minutes if your baby plays well. If your gallery has fewer photos, e.g. because your baby was too restless, a new appointment can be made with our team. This is possible up to 14 days after birth. If you do not want this and you like the few photos, you can request a discount from our team. The amount of the discount depends on the number of photos available and is only available for our “All photos (digital)” product.

What options do I have if my baby doesn't play along properly at the agreed appointment?

We offer flexible options for this. If no further appointment is possible during your stay in the clinic or hospital, you can return to the clinic for a new appointment within 14 days after the birth. Such an appointment can be arranged with our team. If you do not want this and at least a few nice photos have been taken, you can ask our team for a discount for our product “All photos (digital)”.

Can family and/or sibling photos also be taken during the photo shoot?

Our photo shoots are dedicated to the newborn. So it should be the focus. Our photo shoots follow a “script” developed by us. This is designed in such a way that a sufficiently high number of different photos can be created, which enables a possible later production of products such as our photo book or calendar or also makes the acquisition of the digital data sensible. This “script” should be interrupted as little as possible. Therefore, our photographers are encouraged not to include more than 3 to 4 family/sibling photos.

Why do the photos in the gallery all have such a disturbing circle?

This circle is called copy protection and is unfortunately necessary to protect our rights to the photos. We have tried to make it as unobtrusive as possible (transparency). Of course, this copy protection is only visible in the online gallery and not on our products.

Do I need to bring clothes and accessories to the photo shoot?

No, you don’t have to. Our photographer has a large selection of clothing, towels and blankets in many colors. Your baby will be photographed in two different, very beautiful bowls. There are also two different backgrounds. This makes it possible to create two different settings within the photo shoot.

How can I contact the BabyCute team?

You can reach our team by phone at 041 460 35 35
Mo-Fr 07:30 -12:00 and 13:00-17:00
Sa 07:30 – 13:00
For written inquiries please use our contact form.

My baby was not born in one of the BabyCute partner clinics/hospitals. Can I still get a FREE photo shoot?

Yes, this is possible. As part of our “BabyCute extern” offer, we accept reservations for a FREE photo shoot at our headquarters in Schenkon for births that did not take place in one of our partner clinics/hospitals. We have the same equipment available there as in our clinics/hospitals. A “BabyCute external” photo shoot is possible up to 14 days after the birth. Appointments can be booked online.