This page is intended as information for clinics interested in our service, not for parents.


for maternity hospitals and clinics in Switzerland

Professional newborn photography, free of charge without compromise, 100% Swiss company.

Birth hospitals and clinics appreciate the work relief and the professional appearance of the clinic baby gallery, which our service enables. On the other hand, future mothers are happy to have the opportunity to create valuable memories in the clinic.

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Professionally captured on camera
by BabyCute


for maternity hospitals and clinics

Maintaining the baby gallery

We relieve the clinic staff and, if the mother so wishes, take the important first photo of the baby and enter this promptly together with the birth dates in the baby gallery of the hospital or clinic.

Free of charge

Modern photography service

Parents-to-be today think about exactly where they want their baby to be born. In addition to the location and technical equipment of the clinic, the offer of a professional photography service is an increasingly important factor in the decision.

Free of charge


is important to us.

We do not disrupt the normal daily routine in the maternity ward. We take photos outside the room with the help of our mobile photo studio. Our photographers behave discreetly, considerately and discuss the daily routine with the station management.


Professionally captured on camera
by BabyCute


is our commercial concept.

It is important for us to make it clear that our concept is based on trust in our own performance. After the free photoshoot, we just give the mother a login code that enables access to the photo gallery and an online shop on our website. After the photoshoot, we do not make any further contact with the parents and we also do not send any finished products home for "non-binding" viewing. If we have a contact option, we will only inform the parents a few days before the pictures are finally deleted from our server.

We create memories

For example with our photo book.

Each book is created with a lot of love and experience by one of our designers. For us, the photo book is the most beautiful way of always having memories of the first moments in a newborn's life within reach.
Nothing is more beautiful than a book ...

Flippable sample book

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Do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to answer your questions or send you additional information by post or email. Everything is free and without obligation.

We inform

Early information about our service in your clinic is important to us. Therefore, all expectant mothers will receive our information brochure in advance via the clinic mail.

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